DeepDive offers three levels of service
  1. Highlights Reports: DeepDive publishes Highlights Reports (available for free download) that summarize our conclusions on sector controversies and the stocks most impacted. If you are not a paid research subscriber but would like to access our free Highlights Reports, click here to sign up.  When you click on this link, if you’re not already registered to access to our Highlights Reports, then you’ll be prompted to complete a short form to sign up for access.

  2. Subscription to Detailed Research: On a quarterly basis, paid research subscribers have access to all of our published research, including:
    • Detailed Reports that contain substantially more material than our Highlights Reports (e.g., more slides, supporting analysis, and back-up material)
    • Broadcast Presentations
    • Flash Notes that provide relevant updates to our industry and stock views.
    • Industry Framework material (weighing industry attractiveness factors and conveying stock-specific controversies in our focus)

  3. Client Consultation: In addition to having access to our detailed research, a small group of clients have access to consultations
    with Rod Bourgeois, DeepDive's Head of Research.

    If interested in our detailed research or consultations concerning our findings, contact us at (646) 355-0940, or send us a message by completing the simple form on the Become a Client page.
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